Dirty Grandpa glasses

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In the movie Dirty Grandpa, Zac efron and robert de niro are wearing 2 kind of sunglasses that you can buy for less than 10 dollar.

Dirty Granpa sunglasses Zac elfon

In the 2016 movie played by Dirty Grandpa Robert De Niro as Dick Kelly and Zac Eflon as Jason Kelly. Both wearing sunglasses when they are playing Golf.

It's a very funny movie. Well acted by 2 famous stars.  Zac is wearing a tortoise shell sunglasses. We have them in our store, you can buy them in prescription glasses, blue light glasses or Sunglasses. For less thant 10 dollar you will look like a movie star!

You like these, Zac and Robert are wearing them, look very nice. Actually it's very trendy for this summer. You have to got them!

You can see in this scene.

Bad Granpa sunglasses Robert De Niro


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